A Thirty-four year-old accountant convicted for defrauding $3.4-million from Spanish Town attorneys Kinghorn and Kinghorn, will be sentenced in the St Catherine Parish Court in Spanish Town today.

She’s Tamara Goldbourne of Portmore.

Goldbourne, who was an accountant at Kinghorn and Kinghorn, is jointly charged with Chantel Thompson and Mitzi McKenzie, her household helper.

The three are facing 19 counts of conspiracy to larceny, larceny as a servant and forgery and uttering forged documents.

Goldbourne and McKenzie have pleaded guilty to the charges.

Allegations are that between July and November, 2016, Goldbourne prepared cheques and gave them to McKenzie to be encashed.

Goldbourne and McKenzie made impassioned pleas to the court to be allowed to make restitution.

However, the parish Judge rejected their application and adjourned the matter for sentencing today.