Opposition Spokesperson on Environment, Senator Sophia Frazer-Binns, is calling on the National Environment and Planning Agency, NEPA, to update the country on the Rio Cobre contamination by the bauxite alumina company, WINDALCO.

Senator Frazer-Binns says NEPA has been silent on its progress regarding the incident which occurred over a month ago.

Reports are that effluent runoff from Windalco’s plant in St. Catherine contaminated the river.

The incident caused a fish kill and forced the National Water Commission to suspend the use of the water for a few weeks.

Senator Frazer-Binns says NEPA must update the nation on the progress made, including its plans to call on the environmental performance bond.

Senator Frazer-Binns says the Opposition is also calling on NEPA to provide specific timelines for the necessary actions which will prevent Windalco from releasing more effluent in the Rio Cobre.

Sophia Frazer-Binns, Opposition Spokesperson on Land, Environment and Climate Change.