Something has to be done! That’s the demand made by Opposition Spokesperson on Environment Sofia Frazer-Binns today.

She was reacting to the latest pollution of the Rio Cobre by Windalco bauxite alumina company in Ewarton, St. Catherine.

Sections of the Rio Cobre in the Bog Walk Gorge have been affected by a chemical spill from the plant on Saturday.

Frazer-Binns says something can be done to prevent the pollution and is urging the government to hasten its intervention.

Frazer-Binns also supports the call by the Jamaica Environmental Trust to have Windalco’s environmental permit suspended until a holding pond is built for the effluent leaving the mining sites.

Sophia Frazer-Bins, Opposition Spokesperson on Environment.

She is also commending the government on its promise to help the citizens affected by the hundreds of fish killed in the incident.