Embattled Police Commissioner Dr. Carl Williams is denying that police personnel killed one of their own in cold blood last night, in Denham Town, West Kingston.

Constable Lynden Barrett was shot and killed last night, as he walked along Wellington Street in the community at about 9pm.

Abka Fitz-Henley has more in this report.

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Statements this morning from National Security Minister, Peter Bunting and Dr. Williams, said gunmen murdered Constable Barrett

Our news center went into Denham Town where residents gave a shocking account.

They say Barrett was not on patrol as the Police had alleged, but had gone to meet a friend.

They say the Constable was not in uniform, but was armed.

According to the residents, as he departed a house in Denham Town, Constable Barrett was set upon and shot dead by a team of four Policemen.

This man says he was an eye witness to the crime.

When our news center visited the area where the incident happened, patches of dried blood stained the concrete, at a gate where Constable Barrett was cut down.

There was also a trail of blood, leading a few feet away.

Residents says the Policeman tried to escape as Police personnel fired on him, but he collapsed.

A woman said it appeared the Police were in shock when they realized they had murdered a colleague.

We asked the Police Commissioner this afternoon, about claims that it was the Police who murdered Constable Barrett.

But this woman is not buying the account from the Police Chief.

She says Commissioner Williams could soon be embarrassed as there are persons who have evidence in their custody to show that it was Policemen who murdered Constable Barrett.

Video Credit: Jamaica Gleaner

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