There are angry reactions from within the governing PNP to the party’s decision to accept into its ranks the controversial former JLP political firebrand, Joan Gordon Webley.

Joan Gordon Webley is a polarizing figure in Jamaican politics who has courted controversy over the years while she has carried the fight to the PNP.

The 1980 killing of her then political opponent Roy McGann in east Rural St. Andrew has fueled residual tension towards her from PNP supporters. Mrs. Webley was in no way implicated in the killing of Mr. McGann by the police.

Her attack years later to liken PNP President Portia Simpson Miller to the biblical character “Jezebel” has also triggered strong resentment from within the governing party.

Today, former PNPYO President, Junior Rose, used Facebook to respond to the leadership’s decision to accept Gordon Webley into the PNP.

Mr. Rose criticized his party for overlooking those he called “hardworking comrades,” in favor of former members of the JLP.

The former PNPYO President wrote – “mi seh mi waah run fi VP fi PNP and people act like I am committing a sin… but if mi did inna G2K and JLP, the sky is the limit in the PNP. Shake mi head.”

Rose continued – “Di PNP soldiers who toiled long and hard for many years are always overlooked in favor of the haves, the connected and the Labourite”

Also on Facebook – PNP Vice President, Angela Brown Burke this afternoon moved to calm comrades angry at the decision to accept Gordon Webley.

A PNP supporter told Senator Brown Burke – “McGann must be turning in his grave”.

Senator Brown Burke responded – ” there are so many to be forgiven for actions during that era”.

Another PNP supporter made reference to a recent comment by Government MP, Dr. Dayton Campbell by lamenting to Senator Brown Burke that “the labourisation of the PNP continues.”

Another comrade had a few choice words. She told the PNP Vice President – “we vex bad… nuff”.

“Comrade. Angela Brown Burke. I will never address this woman as a comrade. No way in hell” – said another angry PNP supporter.

While another told the PNP Vice President – “I’m sick to my stomach, how dare we accept that lady”.

A comrade sought to assist Senator Brown Burke to cool tempers by asking – “when did PNP members became so hateful?

A rueful Angela Brown Burke agreed. The PNP Vice President commented – “this is the most disturbing for me.”

Meantime … Contacted today several Government MP’s said they’d simply not comment on the move to accept Mrs. Gordon Webley’s application to join the PNP.

However, one PNP MP told our news centre this afternoon that he’s so angry at the party’s decision that he prefers to remain silent today and address the issue at a later date.