Generation 2000, G2K, the young professional affiliate of the Jamaica Labour Party, is accusing the Opposition PNP and several members of civil society for waging a year-long campaign of misinformation against the JLP.

In a statement on Wednesday, G2K said in light of the Integrity Commission’s latest report, the calls for the public naming of the so-called illicit six, and recommendations that they recuse themselves from Parliament, were baseless.

The group says, had the calls been heeded, reputations would have been unfairly and irreparably tarnished.

G2K describes the Opposition’s posture over the past year as opportunistic, disgraceful and vile.

The JLP youth affiliate says it also notes comments from the Commission chairman that when complaints about breaches, including alleged illicit enrichment, are investigated, they are often found to be mischievous and without merit.

On that basis, G2K says the Mark Golding-led PNP, should disclose whether its supporters or surrogates have made false complaints to the Integrity Commission.