National Security Minister, Robert Montague, says an increase in police activity across the island is putting gangs under pressure.

Mr. Montague’s claim comes as police statistics show more than 600 people have been killed so far this year.

This represents an approximately 18% increase in murders over the same period last year.

Minister Montague says an increase in police intelligence and seizures of weapons have created tensions and conflicts among gangs. St James continues to be the most murderous parish.

But the National Security Minister says the police continue to dismantle gangs in areas such as Barrett Town, St. James and in Hanover.

He says the police have intensified their activities to curtail gang-related murders with the imposition of curfews.

He says other measures will be implemented to clamp down on crime.

Meanwhile, Mr Montague says there’s a ‘disturbing new trend’ where feuds involving gang members overseas are being fought in Jamaica.

He says their conflicts arise from lottery scamming or the guns-for-drugs trade.

He’s calling on Jamaicans to report persons involved in conflicts to the police.

He says this also includes persons in domestic conflicts, which he says are adding to the murder tally.