A sentencing hearing is set for April 14 for convicted gangster, Ted Prince, who was found guilty of contempt of court Thursday morning.

Chief Justice Bryan Sykes convicted Prince, a member of the One Don/Klansman Gang, for urinating in the courtroom during the gang trial on Tuesday, February 28.

Prince stunned onlookers when he stood inside courtroom two, faced a wall and urinated in full view of several persons.

Robian Williams has the story.

Prince’s attorney, Lyden Wellesley, submitted that his client informed the police he wanted to use the restroom. Mr. Wellesley said Pince explained that the air conditioner increased his need for the restroom.

The attorney said Prince was told by the police that he had to wait five more minutes for the court session to break for recess. But the call of nature proved too strong and Prince relieved himself on the courtroom wall.

Mr. Wellesley said his client has expressed regret over the situation.

But Justice Sykes noted that Prince didn’t communicate effectively to the police the need to urgently use the restroom. He added that urinating in a court by any measure is contemptuous behaviour.

He noted that no reasonable and rational adult would do so. The Chief Justice said Prince’s action wasn’t an appropriate resolution.

He said there’s nothing to suggest that Prince was barred from speaking to the police after being told to wait five minutes longer.

Justice Sykes highlighted that there were circumstances throughout the trial where defendants indicated their desire to use the restroom immediately and the request was granted.

In the One Don/Klansman trial, Prince was found guilty of conspiracy to murder and being part of a criminal organisation.