The Gender Advisory Committee, GAC, is calling for an urgent meeting with Gender Minister Olivia ‘Babsy’ Grange, to discuss the investigations surrounding Westmoreland Central Member of Parliament  George Wright.

In a press release yesterday afternoon, the gender group says more needs to be done.

The GAC says the meeting is intended to expedite specific actions that can accelerate the goals and objectives of the National Policy for Gender Equality, NPGE.

According to the GAC after assessing the investigation, the reports made to the police by Mr. Wright and Tannish Singh on April 6, indicate that there was a physical altercation in question.

The GAC notes that the broader issue of a physical altercation cannot be overlooked. 

The gender group is seeking to remind the public that political leadership and commitment are among guidelines and principles of the NPGE.

The gender group says, the incident brings to the fore, the perpetuation of violence against women and girls, therefore the meeting is vital for discussing short term and long term solutions to gender base violence.