Co-chair of the Economic Programme Oversight Committee, Keith Duncan, says Jamaicans should get used to having a stable and positive economy.

Mr. Duncan says with the gains being made in the economy, more Jamaican people should start to treat the current fiscal climate as a new normal.

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Mr. Duncan says the government’s goal to have an independent central bank and the plan to introduce a Fiscal Council as an oversight body will safeguard this new era of fiscal stability.

He says positive indicators in the economy are signs that people should be less skeptical about the country’s fiscal future.

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Duncan was speaking at a media conference yesterday detailing EPOC’s review of Jamaica’s performance over the April to August period under the International Monetary Fund, IMF’s, economic programme. He highlighted gains made in the collection of tax revenues and capital spending.

Mr. Duncan also highlighted record high employment of more than 1.2 million people in the labour market. He also reiterated EPOC’s support for the flexible exchange rate and gains made in the exchange rate in recent weeks.