A group of international cyber hackers calling themselves Anon-Ghost, is claiming responsibility for the recent hacking of at least ten government websites in Jamaica.

In a private post on its Facebook page yesterday, Anon-Ghost reportedly claimed credit for the Jamaican government hackings.

The post is not available to the public, but it appears someone with access took a screen shot and shared it elsewhere on social media.

That post has since been making the rounds on Twitter.

The message reads, Jamaica government boxed by Anon-Ghost!

It goes on to list several websites that were targeted, all with the dot-gov-dot-jm domain name.

These include the Commission of Strata Corporations, JamStats, the Jamaica Civil Aviation Authority, the Jamaica Fire Brigade, the Ministry of Industry Investment and Commerce, the Ministry of Youth and Culture, the Office of the Services Commissions, and SCJ Holdings.

No reason was given for the targeting of these websites.

Anon-Ghost appears to be a splinter or copycat group based on a larger group of Internet activists and hackers who call themselves Anonymous.

Anonymous originated in 2003 and has gained global attention for a series of attacks on government, religious and corporate websites.

In 2012, Time Magazine named them one of the 100 most influential people in the world.