Opposition Leader, Mark Golding, says a risk assessment must be done on the dangers faced by Councillors in their divisions and whether they should receive added protection.

His comments follow last week’s murder of Councillor for the Southborough Division in East Central St. Catherine, the PNP’s Ainsley Parkins.

Mr. Golding was speaking at a memorial service for Councillor Parkins on Monday at the Portmore Municipal Corporation.

Councillor Parkins was reportedly shot 15 times on Thursday, July 20 by an unknown assailant in an area of the division known as ‘Twenty-Cent’.

He was reportedly in the area overseeing the completion of a summer project.

Mr. Golding says some Councillors have expressed dissatisfaction with the level of security they receive while on official duties in their divisions.

Mark Golding, Opposition Leader.

One of Parkins’ attackers reportedly dressed as a casual worker and was allegedly seen at the site, hours before the killing, mowing the lawn.

It’s understood that Parkins and a group of men were at odds following the shooting death of a woman, only identified as Angella, in November last year.