Trade Unionist and Political Commentator, Helene Davis White says PNP presidential candidate  Mark Golding has closed the gap in the leadership race in the weeks leading up to the November 7 election.

Ms. Davis noted that during the initial announcement of the presidential race, Mark Golding was more reserved in his campaign.

However she pointed out that he has since strengthened his presence on social media.

Ms. Davis noted that PNP supporters are forming a different opinion about Mr. Golding in the final week of the election campaign.

Mrs. Davis Whyte says some supporters seem to be switching from Lisa Hanna and are now back Mark Golding.

However she highlighted that it is still a close race.

The Political Commentator says persons are still asking whether or not Lisa Hanna can unite the PNP.

Helene Davis White, Trade Unionist and Political Commentator

Meanwhile Social and Political Commentator, Nadeen Spence says the PNP presidential race is still intense at this point in time.

Nadeen Spence, Social and Political Commentator

And Social and Political Commentator, Kevin O’Brien Chang is reiterating that the Bluedot Polls that suggest that Ms. Hanna is the favorite to win on November 7, only 12% of the persons surveyed, are over 45-years-old.

Kevin O’Brien Chang, Social and Political Commentator.