Opposition Leader Mark Golding says there was never any consensus between the PNP and the governing Jamaica Labour Party regarding the reform of the Integrity Commission Act.

He adds that the opposition is against the move to strip the Commission of its prosecutorial powers entirely.

The PNP leader was addressing members of the party during a National Executive Council meeting held yesterday at the Calabar High School in St. Andrew.

Robian Williams tells us more.

Mr. Golding says there’s nothing fundamentally wrong with the Commission’s structure.

However, he concedes that the Commission should reconsider its protocol of not tabling in parliament, both a report from the Director of Investigation and the ruling of the Director of Corruption Prosecution, at the same time.

On the topic of constitutional reform, Mr. Golding says he supports the composition of the committee.

But notes that further consultation with the opposition would’ve made it more effective.

The opposition leader says he’ll continue to make the case for the Caribbean Court of Justice, CCJ, to be Jamaica’s final appellate court.