Opposition Leader, Mark Golding, says he’s willing to pull the PNP out of the constitutional reform process, if there’s no agreement on establishing the Caribbean Court of Justice, CCJ, as Jamaica’s final Appellate Court.

Mr. Golding made the argument during a media briefing on Tuesday morning to address the latest impasse.

He’s also calling on Prime Minister Andrew Holness to state publicly his position on the CCJ.

Chevon Campbell tells us more.

It’s the CCJ or bust!

That’s the gospel according to Mark Golding.

Golding says he’s willing to remain with the British Monarchy for the time being if the issue of the CCJ remains unsettled.

The Opposition Leader is defending the refusal of his appointees to the Constitutional Reform Committee to sign off on the draft report.

That report has now been submitted to Cabinet.

Mr. Golding says the public must be afforded the right to view the document before it goes any further.

The Opposition Leader says the PNP’s position regarding the CCJ has been established for years.

According to him, it’s now up to Prime Minister Holness to clearly articulate his position on the CCJ.

Meanwhile, Mr. Golding says any referendum on the status of the CCJ risks politicising a issue that is purely a matter of justice.

Any change to Jamaica’s final appellate court would require a two-thirds majority vote in both Houses of Parliament.

A prior attempt under the PNP administration in April 2015 was abandoned due to a lack of support from the then-Opposition JLP.

According to Mr. Golding, it would be a political consensus rather than a referendum that would settle the matter of the CCJ.

In the meantime, Opposition appointee to the CRC, Anthony Hylton, defended their decision not to sign off on the report.

According to Mr. Hylton aspects of the draft document ran counter to the PNP’s positions.

Mr. Hylton says the Opposition Leader and the Party were only given one day to review the final report of the CRC, which contained several changes not previously discussed.

Anthony Hylton, Member of Parliament for Western St. Andrew.