Opposition Leader Mark Golding says the deterioration of the Sandy Gully is a serious threat to the lives and properties of residents in the communities of Washington Gardens, Seaview Gardens, and Waterhouse.

On a tour of the lower end of the gully on Monday, Golding said he noted significant damage to the gully’s floor and protective walls.

He says the current state is a result of years of neglect and is calling for urgent repairs.

Mr. Golding said while the recent cleaning of the gully may have improved water flow under the Spanish Town Road bridge, the scale of the problem is evident from the overgrowth of trees that obstructg water flow in the Seaview section of the gully.

The Opposition Leader also visited areas in New Haven which is prone to constant flooding.

He commended the actions of community members, along with Member of Parliament Anthony Hylton, to clear sections of the Duhaney River to alleviate flooding in the area.