The attorney representing sprinter, Usain Bolt, Linton Gordon, says he’s yet to receive official word from Stocks and Securities Limited, SSL, regarding the theft of his client’s funds.

Mr. Gordon was speaking last evening on Nationwide at 5.

Mr. Bolt is threatening to sue SSL if the company fails to repay him the nearly 13 Million US Dollars, or just under 2 billion Jamaican dollars, within the next 10 days.

He says the company would send Mr Bolt regular monthly statements until about October last year.

Mr. Gordon says his client is now questioning the authenticity of some of the financial statements he’s received.

Linton Gordon, Attorney representing Usain Bolt.

He says the retired Olympian established an account with SSL, which is in essence his client’s self-designed pension.

According to Mr Gordon, up to October 2022, the balance standing to the account was United States, Twelve Million Seven Hundred & Fifty-Eight Thousand One Hundred & Eighty-One Dollars & Seventy-Four Cents.

But he says the account has been depleted leaving a balance of United States Twelve Thousand Forty-Seven Dollars & Sixty Five Cents.

And, Attorney at Law, Neco Pagon, is questioning if Stocks and Securities Limited will be able to adequately repay its clients whose accounts have been affected by the alleged multi-million US Dollar fraud.

Pagon says in light of the ultimatum from Bolt’s Attorney, the funds at the institution may not be readily available.

The attorney at law added that if the demands are not met, then the athlete can pursue legal action.

Neco Pagon, Attorney At Law.

Investigations into the alleged fraudulent activities at Stocks and Securities Limited are still ongoing.