The Government is moving to establish a mutual accreditation policy, which gives recognition to qualifications obtained in Jamaica, when the holders move away to other countries for work or to live permanently.

In making the announcement, State Minister in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, Arnaldo Brown, says the policy aims to ensure that qualifications gained by Jamaicans are recognized in other countries, preventing them from having to re-qualify for jobs in their new country of residence.

Mr. Brown, was addressing the 2014 graduation class of the Health Education and Counselling Institute at the Montego Bay Convention Centre on Sunday.

He says the policy comes against the background of a recent position taken by the Canadian Government to protect the jobs of its citizens.

The Canadian government has taken the stance that it does not want people with no or low skills to be competing for jobs with Canadians who are at the same level.

Mr. Brown says the only way for Jamaicans to overcome this hurdle is to become educated, trained and certified, as the stance taken by the Canadian Government could soon be adopted in other countries.

He says with the qualifications of Jamaicans sometimes not recognized overseas, these issues will be addressed with the mutual accreditation policy in place.