Industry Minister, Karl Samuda, is assuring the country that the fledgeling cannabis industry will be receiving special attention this fiscal year to boost its growth.

Many in the industry have bemoaned bureaucracy and poor access to capital as impediments to its development. In answering questions at today’s sitting of Parliament’s Standing Finance Committee, the Industry Minister says he shares the concern.

Industry Minister, Karl Samuda, lamented what he calls inadequate growth in Jamaica’s cannabis industry. He says this year significant changes are coming to increase activity in the sector.

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The Minister says while provisions in regulations are adequate more can be done to speed up the approval process. He blames part of the problem on a disconnect between the Ministry of Health and his Ministry.

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However, Opposition Spokesman on Finance, Mark Golding, says approvals and bureaucracy are only part of the problem. He believes there’s a need to tackle concerns over funding for the industry and greater international advocacy on the part of the industry.

Minister Samuda agrees with the assessment.

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