Anti Corruption lobby National Integrity Action, NIA, says legal action will be taken against the government, if the decision to allow mining in Dry Harbour Mountain is not retracted.

NIA Executive Director Professor Trevor Munroe, told our News Center this morning that no legal action is currently being pursued.

Instead, he says environmentalists are waiting on Prime Minister Andrew Holness to make the right decision.

Wayne Walker has more in this report.


The NIA, has joined the call by environment activists, for the government to withdraw approval to Jamaica World LLC to mine in the Rio Bueno Dry Harbour area.

In a statement yesterday, NIA said it considers mining in that area an infringement on environmental rights, enshrined in Jamaica’s Constitution.

Professor Munroe says Prime Minister Holness should reconsider his decision.

Professor Munroe pointed out that mining in the Dry Harbour area is a breach of environmental rights that will affect human wellbeing.
He elaborated that human beings have a right to live in a safe and secure environment.

When asked if he is confident that Prime Minister Holness can mitigate harm caused by mining in the Dry Harbour Mountain, the NIA Executive Director says he does not feel assured.

The NIA reminded the government in its statement yesterday, that Jamaica’s National Development Plan, Vision 2030, sets the development of “a Healthy Natural Environment” as one of four fundamental goals.

Wayne Walker for Nationwide News.