Head of the Department of Economics at the University of the West Indies, the UWI, Mona campus, Professor David Tennant, says initiatives aimed at generating economic growth are being poorly implemented by the government.

He was outlining the findings of an assessment of the government’s Growth Inducement Efforts.

Professor Tennant says the government has identified its structural weaknesses like bureaucratic hurdles and taxation issues.

He also says useful measures to address them have also been posited by the government. But, the Professor says the government is struggling with the implementation stage.

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Professor Tennant says the assessment has found that one-third of the initiatives geared towards achieving growth isn’t properly implemented.

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He says funding was never identified as a constraint to implementing initiatives.

But, Professor Tennant says, in some cases, difficulty in accessing that funding proved to be an obstacle.

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Professor David Tennant was speaking last week at Department’s Public Discussion Forum at the university.