Information Minister and Government Senator, Sandrea Falconer, has declared that Government assistance was provided to the late Glen Archer.

In a Facebook post this morning, the Minister said she is moving to correct rumored public opinionĀ  that the Government failed to assist Archer while he was ill.

Falconer says she would not divulge the nature of the assistance provided “but it is important that the record be corrected.”

One person asked if the assistance was timely, Falconer responded ” as far as I know the assistance was timely.”

Another user commented, suggesting that the assistance may not have been adequate.

But Falconer responded that in Archer’s case, “it would not be reasonable to come to such a conclusion.”

The Minister says she is saddened that the memory of Archer “has been tarnished with the squabbling over who did what.”

She says Archer “was a good man and from what his close friends say very private. I am sure he would not be happy with all of this.
I also wish elements within the media would have checked before they ran with the story that was not true.”

The educator, spelling bee and schools challenge quiz coach died on February 15 at the University Hospital of the West Indies, where he was admittedĀ  late last year, due to kidney failure and its related complications.

Archer who was born on October 1, 1953 died at the age of 61.