The Government has implemented a revised motor vehicle policy for the public sector.

Under the revised policy, Cabinet ministers and other senior officials in the public service will be required to have vehicles assigned to them for at least five years before they’re allowed to purchase them.

The policy, which took effect in June, means that none of the current cabinet Ministers will be able to purchase the vehicles assigned to them before the next general election.

Also under the new policy, Cabinet ministers and the attorney general will not have first preference in the sale of their assigned vehicles.

This, as the sale will be treated in the same manner as fleet vehicles.

The policy also outlines that if the senior officials choose to change their fully depreciated vehicle, the transport manager in the Ministry must assess its suitability to operate within the fleet.

Previously, Cabinet Ministers were allowed to purchase their assigned vehicle after just three years.

When the Holness led administration took office in March 2016, it purchased new vehicles, to replace ten that had been purchased by Ministers in the previous administration.

The government was paid a total of just over thirteen million dollars for the vehicles which had cost just over 64-million dollars to initially procure.