The Health Ministry says it’s mobilizing a team of experts to investigate the recurrence of harmful fumes at the Cornwall Regional Hospital in St. James.

Acting Chief Medical Officer in the Health Ministry, Dr. Jacquiline Bisasor-McKenzie, says technocrats from the Ministry will visit the institution this week.

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Staff at the hospital are complaining of persistent impact from fumes at the facility that’s making them sick.

President of the Nurses Association of Jamaica, Carmen Johnson, says several nurses have been taking sick leaves, leaving the hospital understaffed.

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She says nurses are complaining of suffering from respiratory illnesses, headaches, hypertension and cardiac problems. She notes the Health Ministry has been working to address the persistent fumes issue at the hospital. But Ms. Johnson says several of the nurses have expressed an inability to cope.

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The Cornwall Regional Hospital – which is the only type A facility in Western Jamaica – has been impacted by noxious emissions from its dysfunctional air conditioning unit since October 2016.

Last year the government declared the issues bedevilling the Cornwall Regional Hospital a ‘national crisis’ and closed several departments at the facility.

The government is working to have the issues resolved by this year.