The Transport Ministry says it has made a submission to Cabinet geared towards integrating more technology in its analysis of traffic patterns across the country.

The revelation was made by Permanent Secretary in the Transport Ministry, Dr. Alywin Hayles.

He was speaking at the Caribbean Road Safety Workshop hosted by the Inter-American Development Bank, IDB.

The workshop is supported by the United Nation’s Secretary General’s Special Envoy for Road Safety.

The workshop is designed to strengthen the road safety work being done across the region.

William Mitchell reports.

According to the UN’s Special Envoy on Road Safety, Jean Todt, the latest data shows that more than 1.3 million people die in road collisions around the globe annually.

That represents a 20% increase from the 1.1 million people who were killed on roads around the world in 2002.

The latest statistics from the Road Safety Unit in Jamaica’s Transport Ministry, shows 269 people have died on the nation’s roads so far this year.

Permanent Secretary in that ministry, Dr. Alwyn Hayles, says the government is doing something to remedy the carnage on the nation’s streets.

Dr. Hayles says electronic monitoring should increase enforcement, especially when treating with taxi operators.