The Government will not seek an extension of the State of Public Emergency in force in St. Catherine.

The announcement was made by National Security Minister Dr. Horace Chang.

Dr Chang was speaking in the House of Representatives this afternoon.

The SOE was declared on June 17 in response to what Prime Minister Holness called a high level of organised criminal activity.

On Tuesday, Dr Chang told the House that the situation has improved substantially since the imposition of the enhanced security measure.

He also announced the intention of the administration to revisit the emergency power regulations in response to concerns from the Opposition and the Constitutional Court.

Meanwhile, Opposition Leader, Mark Golding welcomed the decision by the government not to continue to SOE under the current regulations.

Mr. Golding says instead what’s needed is the long since discussed Enhanced Security Measures Act which will allow a targeted crack down on criminal elements.

Mark Golding, Leader of the Opposition.