Government and Opposition Members sparred in the House of Representatives yesterday, when Prime Minister Andrew Holness revealed that Dr. Peter Peters had carried a resolution about a compulsory national registration system to parliament, 17 years ago.

The resolution was to study a bill prepared by the former PNP-administration, that would establish a system similar to the Holness-administration’s compulsory National Identification System, NIDS.

Dr. Phillips is now the leader of the Opposition PNP which recently filed a successful court action to strike down the NIDS.

In responding to questions from the Opposition in the House about NIDS spending, Prime Minister Holness accused Dr. Phillips and the PNP of hypocrisy.

Prime Minister Holness also disclosed that the former PNP administration spent 1-point-3 million US dollars on T-shirts and other items to promote its planned National ID system.

In response, Opposition Leader Phillips commented that the PNP has never objected to the principle of a national ID.