Opposition Leader, Dr. Peter Phillips, also attacked the Holness administration for its move to name the North-South segment of Highway 2000 after former Prime Minister Edward Seaga.

To cheering party supporters, Dr. Phillips says while not against Mr. Seaga being honoured in some way, he believes former Prime Minister, Portia Simpson Miller, is far more deserving of having the highway named after her.

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He says the JLP’s action is an insult to Mrs. Simpson Miller and divides the country.

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And, Prime Minister Andrew Holness says there’s a good reason for Cabinet’s decision to rename the North-South Highway in honour of former Prime Minister, Edward Seaga.

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Prime Minister Holness announced the renaming of the highway during a ceremony last week at the Bustamante Museum in Kingston.

Mr. Seaga joins a list of former Prime Ministers to have major thoroughfares named in their honour. That list includes former Prime Ministers – PJ Patterson, Michael Manley and Sir Alexander Bustamante.

In the meantime, former Prime Minister Edward Seaga says he’s thrilled at the honour of having a highway bearing his name.

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