National Security Minister, Robert Montague, is reminding Jamaicans living abroad they’re welcome here amid fears of mass deportations from the United States.

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He made the comment today while addressing the handing over ceremony of 200 bicycles to the JCF by the US Embassy.

It was held at the National Police College in St. Catherine.

However, Minister Montague is warning any Jamaican returning from overseas they’ll be required to obey the law.

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According to statistics from the US State Department approximately one-hundred thousand Jamaicans may be living illegally in the United States.

There’re fears among the Diaspora that President Donald Trump’s tough stance on immigration could see mass deportations of scores of these Jamaicans.

Minister Montague seems to share this concern.

He says two ships to be commissioned by the JCF will be used to ensure the safety of Jamaicans.

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