Government Senator Aubyn Hill angered Opposition Senators this afternoon when he accused the PNP of exposing Jamaicans to the wrath of murderous criminals.

Senator Hill made the statement shortly after he accused the PNP of undermining the state of public emergency despite clear successes generated by the measure.

The Government Senator attacked the PNP for what he argued is playing politics with the lives of Jamaicans.

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Senator Hill noted that murders more than doubled during the tenure of Former National Security Minister, KD Knight who’s now an Opposition Senator. He noted that the murder spiral continued for the majority of former security Minister, Peter Bunting’s tenure.

The Government Senator told the Upper House that PNP President, Dr. Peter Phillips, lacks the moral authority to pretend he has solutions to the murder problem given that in 2005 murders reached a record high under his watch.

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Meanwhile, Leader of Opposition Business in the Senate, Donna Scott Mottley, says Prime Minister Andrew Holness should be glad that the ending of the state of public emergency forced the security forces to release 20 psychopaths.

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Last year, the Opposition PNP faced criticism when it voted to end states of public emergency which were imposed in St. James and the St. Catherine North Police Division.

The measure had contributed to a 70-percent reduction in murders in St. James for the calendar year and an over 80-percent decline in some sections of the Corporate Area.

Shortly after the Opposition’s vote to end the state of public emergency, Prime Minister Holness commented that it’s regrettable that the move would force the security forces to release twenty dangerous criminals in St. James

Since the ending of the state of public emergency in St. James the Police have blamed men released for several drive-by shootings and murders in the parish – including in Salt Spring and Catherine Hall.

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