A government Senator today said Opposition Leader, Dr. Peter Phillips, should appear before a truth and reconciliation commission in the interest of improving the integrity of the country’s political process.

Senator Matthew Samuda made the suggestion as he criticized Dr. Phillips for attending the funeral of reputed gangster, Willie Haggart in 2001.

Senator Samuda was making his contribution to the debate on the Integrity Commission Act in the Upper House today.

He argued that for Jamaica to move forward those who’ve contributed to a perception that criminality and corruption are condoned in society, must bear their soul.

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He continued, saying Opposition Leader and PNP President, Dr. Peter Phillips, should appear before such a commission. That prompted Opposition Senator, Lambert Brown, to intervene.

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But Senator Samuda said he’d not back down.

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Haggart, whose given name is William Moore, was the reputed leader of the Arnett Gardens-based, Black Roses crew. Phillips and several other former Cabinet Ministers were criticized in 2001 for attending his funeral.

Opposition Senator, Floyd Morris, says politicians from both the JLP and PNP would have to participate in the truth and reconciliation commission proposed by Senator Samuda.

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