Four members of the Senate have written to the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Michael Peart, urging him to take disciplinary action against South West St. Catherine MP, the JLP’s Everald Warmington.

This over his Jezebel slur aimed at Youth Minister, Lisa Hanna.

The four Senators, Imani Duncan Price, Sophia Fraser-Binns, Angela Brown Burke and Sandrea Falconer, are all from the government side.

They say Mr. Warmington must be named and disciplined for his gender and class based insults.

They say Standing Order 43 empowers the House Speaker to silence a disruptive member.

Mrs. Brown Burke, the Vice President of the Senate, says Warmington’s comments discourage the culture of political unity and gender equality that’s essential to the country’s peaceful and sustainable development.

She says the House Speaker has a duty to send a clear message to Jamaicans, especially all MPs that they must conduct themselves in a respectable manner.

She says Mr. Warmington should not be made to feel that he can freely insult women.