Human Resource and Marketing Manager at Azan’s Supercenter, Natalie Debellis, is suggesting the government consider mandating the COVID 19 vaccines in some circumstances.

As the Government continues its quest to get more Jamaicans vaccinated, there are increased calls for assistance from private sector entities to offer incentives to those who opt to take the vaccine.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness says the government is not considering mandating the vaccines at this time.

Ms Debellis says it’s necessary for people who are hesitant to get accurate information about the vaccines from experts.

She says her company has been urging employees to take the vaccine and transporting them to vaccination sites.

Ms Debellis says there are also incentives for vaccinated customers.

Natalie Debellis, Human Resource and Marketing Manager at Azan’s Supercenter.

She was speaking last evening on Nationwide News.