The Ministry of Foreign Affairs says Jamaica is still interested in remaining engaged with Venezuela, and maintains diplomatic relations with the South American country, even as they’ve voted not recognize the Presidency of Nicholas Maduro.

In a statement last evening, the Foreign Ministry says it sent a representative from its Embassy in Caracas to Mr. Maduro’s swearing-in yesterday morning.

However, it acknowledges that the country voted in support of a resolution at the Organization of American States, OAS, yesterday, not to recognize the legitimacy of his presidency.

Jamaica joined eighteen other countries in doing so. Six countries voted against the resolution, eight abstained and one was absent.

The statement says yesterday’s resolution is consistent with a previous resolution adopted by the OAS General Assembly last June.

Jamaica also voted in favour of that resolution, which declared that Venezuela’s elections in May lacked legitimacy, and were not free, fair and transparent.

In yesterday’s statement, the Foreign Ministry says Jamaica continues to support the principles of human rights and democracy, as well as non-intervention in the internal affairs of states. It says their interest continues to be the well being of the people of Venezuela.

The statements adds that the Jamaican government continues to maintain hope that dialogue will take place amongst the parties.