Health Minister, Dr. Christopher Tufton, says the government will shut down the Cornwall Regional Hospital, in St. James, if necessary.

However, he’s hoping this will not have to happen.

He says the government continues to monitor the air quality at the hospital.

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He was speaking with the media today shortly after he addressed a function at Everybody’s Pharmacy on Slipe Road, in St. Andrew.

The Cornwall Regional Hospital continues to be plagued by the emission of noxious fumes, believed to be coming from its dysfunctional air conditioning unit.

It’s been revealed that this is a decades-old problem, spanning successive administrations.

In the meantime, the National Workers Union, NWU, says its members continue to complain ‘bitterly’ about noxious fumes at Cornwall Regional.

The NWU represents approximately 350 workers at the hospital including security guards, janitorial workers and patient assistants.

Kurt Fletcher is the Island Supervisor of the NWU.

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However, Mr Fletcher is encouraging workers to have compassion for patients, and work if they can.