Gender Minister Olivia Grange has appealed for political unity in tackling the scourge of gender-based violence across the country.

The Minister’s appeal follows the brutal slaying of 15-year-old Jamila Cole, and the assault of her mother and cousin in Albert Town, Trelawny, on Sunday.

Young Jamila was also reportedly sexually assaulted.

Shaloy Smikle reports:

Heartbreaking. That’s how the Gender Minister has described Sunday’s home invasion, beating and rape of 15-year-old Jamila Cole.

The incident has been widely condemned.

Education and Youth Minister, Fayval Williams, has described the attack as a barbaric and wanton act of violence, while the Opposition People’s National Party says it represents an unfathomable act of cruelty.

The Gender Minister has called on the parliamentary Opposition to join forces with the government to respond to similar attacks.

Minister Grange says a divided nation cannot adequately combat violent crimes.