National Security Minister, Dr Horace Chang, says there needs to be a greater focus on catching the facilitators of crime, to further reduce the nation’s murder rate.

So far this year, murders have fallen by almost 30-percent. Minister Chang says the three states of public emergency last year have also helped to dismantle 14 gangs across the island. He was addressing a Lions Club of Kingston meeting at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel this afternoon.

Dr Chang says with the enhanced security measures, the security forces were able to remove several murderers from troubled communities. He says those financing crimes, should now be the focus.

The National Security Minister says only then will murders be reduced by more than 30-percent.

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He says while social intervention measures are necessary, they are not sufficient.

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The States of Public Emergency have all ended in areas they were declared. And the Security Minister says the government is not ruling out declaring more enhanced security measures.

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Minister Chang says the police are to this week receive another batch of the outstanding pre-owned vehicles.

The saga involving the undelivered pre-owned vehicles came to public light in November 2017.

After being stalled for months, the National Security Ministry had to engage in mediation in a bid to amicably resolve the bungled contract that was awarded to O’Brien’s International.

The used car dealership was to provide 200 pre-owned vehicles to the police at a value of over $400-million.

To date, just over 60 of the 200 vehicles have been delivered to the Police.

The National Security Minister says additional vehicles are now in the possession of O’Brien’s International.

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Last month, Permanent Secretary in the National Security Ministry, Dianne McIntosh, told a Parliamentary committee that the remaining vehicles were to be delivered no later than January 31.

At that time, Ms McIntosh said the Ministry would have gone to arbitration if the vehicles weren’t delivered.

Dr Chang says the government will take legal action if necessary, to force the used car dealer to deliver the outstanding vehicles.

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