The Jamaican government needs ‘to get some balls’ and develop ‘courage’ in responding to the Venezuelan crisis.

That’s the view of Opposition Spokesman on Foreign Affairs, Dr. Morais Guy.

He made the comments today in an interview with Nationwide News as he sought to clarify the Opposition’s position on the worsening economic and political turmoil in Venezuela.

Dr. Guy has made it clear the PNP is dissatisfied with the government’s response so far to the growing crisis in Venezuela.

He says the Holness administration has shown a lack of courage.

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Dr. Guy says Jamaica should be leading CARICOM in finding what he describes as an ‘internal solution’ to the Venezuelan crisis.

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He’s also criticizing the government for agreeing to participate in discussions at the OAS on the Venezuelan crisis.

He says the position of the OAS, at this point, doesn’t matter.

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Dr. Guy says the position of the PNP is that the democratically elected Government of Venezuela is “the Government of Venezuela”.

He says the Venezuelan people are ultimately responsible for resolving their problems.

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On the other hand, Veteran journalist and newspaper columnist, Ian Boyne, is disagreeing with a criticism of the government made by Dr. Guy, over the crisis in Venezuela.

Boyne, instead, criticised Dr. Guy and the Opposition People’s National Party for their stance on Venezuela.

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Mr. Boyne also defended Jamaica’s continued participation in talks at the Organisation of American States, OAS, aimed at finding solutions to the crisis in the Latin American country.

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Dr. Guy says the OAS has been compromised by comments made by the Secretary General of the regional organisation, Luis Almagro.

The OAS Head has called for Venezuela to be suspended from the Washington-based group unless general elections are held soon to break a political impasse which he says is destroying the country’s democracy.

He’s also accused President Nicolas Maduro’s socialist government of violating human rights.

But Mr. Boyne says the OAS still serves a purpose in resolving the crisis.

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