The Jamaican variety of Guinea Hen Weed can help to combat the HIV virus.

That’s according to new findings by Jamaican scientist and entrepreneur, Dr. Henry Lowe, and his team of researchers.

The findings were recently published in the European Journal of Medicinal Plants.

Dr. Lowe and his team recently discovered that the major chemical component of the Jamaican variety of Guinea Hen Weed, significantly inhibits the survival of the HIV virus.

Dr. Lowe says the findings are still in the early stages of development, but show extremely promising potential.

Dr. Lowe says the team decided to research Guinea Hen Weed’s impact on HIV, because his customers noticed the plant seemed to make them immune to other viruses, such as the common flu.

And Dr. Lowe says the research on Guinea Hen Weed could also impact on the treatment of other viral diseases, including Chikungunya which is now running rampant across the country.

In August, Dr. Lowe published findings showing that Jamaica’s national flower, the Lignum Vitae, also has properties that can fight against HIV/AIDS.