The Westmoreland Police are reporting that a man who’s been on the run since June last year was shot and killed yesterday.

Twenty-one-year-old Romaine Esson, otherwise called ‘School Boy’, of Dalling Street, Savanna-la-Mar, was shot dead in Caanan Mountain, Little London in the parish.

Esson was among a group of 8 men who escaped from the Savanna-la-mar lockup last June, after cutting a hole through the roof of their cell.

Reports this morning from the Little London Police are that about 1:30 yesterday afternoon, residents heard explosions and alerted them.

On arrival, police say they saw Esson lying in a yard with a gunshot wound.

Newly appointed Head of the Westmoreland Police, Deputy Superintendent David Whyte, says Esson was killed by his cronies.

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Esson was charged for murder when he escaped custody in 2015.

He was listed by the Area One Police among the most wanted men in the western region.

DSP Whyte says the police theorize that Esson’s cronies killed him because of his alleged involvement in a triple shooting last week.

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The other men who escaped with Esson remain at large.