The Principal of the prestigious all girls, Hampton School, Heather Murray, is coming under fire on social media following her appearance at the St. Elizabeth Parish Court yesterday.

Murray was among several persons who gathered outside the courtroom where the child sexual molestation of a 15 year old girl, involving the Pastor of the Nazareth Moravian Church, Rupert Clarke, was being heard in camera.

She was one of two women who barred photo and video journalists from recording images of the scene outside the courtroom as the accused was whisked away by the police.

Several former students of Hampton School in St Elizabeth are among those expressing shock and disappointment with Principal Murray being among those gathered outside court yesterday.

In a Facebook post, Danielle Davidson questioned why the headmistress of an all girls institution was shielding the accused from the cameras.

She says, Mrs. Murray should not have allowed herself to be caught on camera doing this.

Davidson described the situation as being “delicate.” She’s questioning what message this will send to young girls.

Another past student wrote on Facebook: “Why Lord? Why is she in the image?”.

This was in reference to a photograph published on the Jamaica Gleaner online today.

In the photo, Mrs. Murray is seen smiling as the accused was escorted from the courthouse by the police.

Two other Hampton old girls also reacted to the photograph writing that they were “shocked, ashamed and mortified”.

Another past student commented that Mrs .Murray’s appearance at the courthouse wasn’t a good look.

Meanwhile, Ammesha Samuels who was also posting on Facebook called for Mrs. Murray to be removed as the Principal of Hampton if the accused pastor is convicted.

Yesterday, Mrs. Murray and another female moved to pose for video and photo journalists preventing them from getting a clear shot of the accused.

Mrs. Murray and the other woman said “if you want pictures, take pictures of us”.

Our news centre has been making repeated calls to several numbers belonging to Principal Murray since 11 this morning but with no success.

We’d like to ask her why was she there? And if she was there in support of the accused child molester, what message is she sending to her girls at Hampton?

Meanwhile, the leadership of Jamaica Teachers Association will be seeking a meeting with the Principal of the Hampton School, Heather Murray.

This was revealed by JTA President Howard Issacs in an interview with our news centre.

Mr. Issacs says he’s uncertain of Mrs Murray’s reason for being at the court house yesterday.

However he’s taken note of the reactions in social media.