Chairman of the People’s National Party Region 1, Lisa Hanna says it’s time for a leadership shakeup in the 78-year old party.

Hanna says she’ll not be offering herself for re-election as Regional Chairman this August.

Ms. Hanna, who’s also MP for South East St. Ann, says her decision forms part of her call for renewal inside the party.

She made the announcement at the PNP’s Regional Executive Committee meeting at the Ferncourt High School in St. Ann on Sunday.

Ms. Hanna says she’s pleased to have led region 1 into two General Elections and 1 Parish Council Election. But she says after 8-years, she believes that it’s now time to allow others to take over the leadership in the Region.

She made a similar appeal to seniors party officials, by calling for leadership change in the party.

Ms. Hanna says “it is time to shake the leadershi] tree” of the party to keep its democratic traditions alive and vibrant.

However, the Former Youth and Culture Minister made it clear that she’s in support of Party Leader, Portia Simpson Miller.

She says Mrs. Simpson Miller should be allowed the time with her allies and family to determine her departure.

But she says the party’s leaders must follow and listen to those asking for a shift in thinking, new solutions and a modern approach to the challenges that the country is facing.

Hanna says the party’s core values and ideals must hold strong and the leadership must evolve with the times and the people they represent.

She says the party must be renewed with the tools and capability to address the future challenges that Jamaica will face.

Ms. Hanna is also urging more members of the party, to offer themselves for Vice President. She says she feels its important that the party hold internal elections after almost 8-years.

In closing her address, she quotes Norman Manley in his famous speech that he gave in 1939 at High Gate in St. Mary .

In his speech titled, “I Am Not Afraid of Making Enemies,” Manley declared that the “people of Jamaica should have leaders to take a leading part. ”

Miss Hanna ended her appeal to comrades by asking – what would Michael Manley have said if he had a look at the PNP today ?

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