PNP Vice Presidential aspirant and the party’s outgoing Region 1 boss, Lisa Hanna, is firing back at criticism from Opposition Senator, Floyd Morris.

On the weekend, Senator Morris used social media platform, Facebook, to attack Miss Hanna for her celebration of Mark Golding’s demolition of Colin Campbell in the race to succeed Dr. Omar Davies in South St. Andrew.

Shortly after the wipe out of Colin Campbell last Saturday afternoon, Lisa Hanna and Dr. Omar Davies told journalists in Arnett Gardens that Mark Golding’s victory is a sign that the much talked about renewal in the PNP is beginning to materialize.

Senator Morris said he’s disturbed by Miss Hanna’s move to link Senator Golding’s victory to the call for renewal in the PNP.

Morris called on the former Youth Minister to declare whether she and Dr. Karl Blythe are championing a similar call for renewal.

The Opposition Senator, who is a Simpson-Miller loyalist, said Miss Hanna is guilty of double speak.

Responding via her Facebook fan page – Miss Hanna hit back at Morris.

She accused him of hypocrisy, uttering nonsense and spreading propaganda.

Hanna wrote “I am accustomed to propaganda not just from persons who call themselves my friends.”

She continued, saying by the logic applied by Senator Morris, anyone who speaks about renewal in the PNP is an automatic supporter of Karl Blythe.

Miss Hanna says that’s nonsense.

The outgoing PNP Region 1 Chairman says the words of the party’s founding father Norman Manley are sufficient to reply to Senator Morris.

Hanna quoted NW Manley – “we live in a changing world with changing times and the people of Jamaica should become more conscious of their future political destiny as the old system was bound to change, for progress is the law of life “

She noted that that statement was made by NW Manley when he urged Jamaicans to ignore propaganda which seeks to deprive them of their rights.

Hanna says she’s proud to walk on the path charted by the men and women in the PNP such as Norman Manley, Michael Manley, PJ Patterson and Portia Simpson Miller.

She says those PNP leaders refused to be suppressed by the status quo and fought for change.

In her parting shot – Miss Hanna told Senator Morris – Leave The Propaganda Outside.

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