The PNP’s Lisa Hanna has penned a letter responding to stinging claims made by fellow member and the party’s legal advisor, AJ Nicholson.

In a letter published in the Jamaica Observer yesterday, Mr. Nicholson accused Hanna of not giving balance in her campaigning in last February’s general elections.

Mr. Nicholson is quoted as saying Hanna who is regional chairperson for St. Ann and Trelawny turned steadfastly away from South West St. Ann choosing to campaign at length for South Trelawny.

But, Hanna in her letter says the claim is not true.

Hanna says South West St. Ann- a Jamaica Labour Party stronghold was won by the PNP in the 2011 general elections under her stewardship.

She says that seat, unlike the majority of PNP seats, received more votes in the 2016 elections than it did in 2011.

Hanna says it was always a marginal seat, and the party failed to provide it with enough resources for it to be victorious.

She says it could not survive the national swing against the party and the percentage margin of PNP votes received in 2016 versus 2011 was only minus 3.2 percent.

Further in Mr. Nicholson’s open letter, he is quoted as saying, there is no evidence that Hanna inspired many young voters to cast their votes for the PNP during her term as Minister of Youth and Culture.

Hanna writes that the PNP campaign wasn’t run by the Ministry of Youth or by her.

She adds that the the party’s campaign did not use youth as active participants to project any of the PNP’s election messages.

She contends that many persons including the President of the party’s youth arm warned the party hierarchy of such as approach but the warnings were ignored.

Hanna says every independent poll rated her performance as Minister among the best in the PNP administration ,yet her Ministry’s achievements were severely under-promoted.

In her concluding statement, Hanna says Mr. Nicholson’s task is to offer objective legal advice to the PNP.

However, she says he has instead allowed bias and personal malice to overshadow not only that responsibility but to redirect his adverse opinions of one PNP personality to the general public.

She says Nicholson’s actions emphasize the urgent need for renewal in the PNP.