Youth Minister, Lisa Hanna says her Ministry is fighting back against what she describes as the growing fear of risk among the country’s young professionals.

The Minister’s planned intervention will take the form of a new programme which aims to train 1500 young Jamaicans to become entrepreneurs.

Minister Hanna says the latest figures from STATIN show that youth unemployment in Jamaica moved from 39% last year, to 34% this year.

The Youth Minister says Jamaica is not the only country struggling to create opportunities for its young people.

She says globally, the situation is grave.

Minister Hanna says here in Jamaica there’s a general but understandable reluctance among young people to open their own business.

She says the Ministry, through the National Youth Service, has a programme designed to change this culture of fear.

Minister Hanna says young persons must understand that they stand a better chance of landing or creating a job if they pursue training in engineering, agriculture, or the ICT sector.

She says in this regard, a number of new training programmes are being kicked into high gear.

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