The parish of Hanover has been rocked by two more homicides.

This takes to five the number of people who’ve been murdered in the parish in the past 48 hours.

The two were murdered in separate incidents just hours apart this morning.

Wednesday night, three men, 39 year old Nicholas Spence, 27 year old Nerrick Dias and 41 year old Dalton Haughton were shot and killed by gunmen in the community of St. Simon in Hanover.

This morning, the parish is battling another round of violence.

Preliminary reports are that around 3 am in Point in Lucea, three armed men went to the home of 29 year old bus driver Garfield Mathis and his mother, and kicked open the door.

They demanded money from the mother and then searched the pockets of Mathis.

When they were not given the money, the men shot Mathis killing him.

His mother, who is 73 years old, is said to be very shaken.

Two hours later, twenty-eight year old Orain Street was killed in the quiet community of Rock Spring in the parish.

It’s reported that Street was at home about 5 this morning when a group of armed men knocked on his door and shouted ‘Police’ .

Street opened his door and received several shots to his body.

Police say it appears that Street’s murder was a contract killing, as the gunmen proceeded to shoot him even when he was on his face, spraying his back with several more bullets.

Sources say Street was fingered in last year’s killing of an Indian man in the parish and his killing could be a reprisal.

Meanwhile Member of Parliament for Western Hanover, the PNP’s Ian Hayles says its the worst he’s seen in rural communities.

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He says he will not relent until he’s able to get help for law enforcement officials in the parish.

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