Director of Public Prosecutions, Paula Llewelyn, will shortly be asked to decide whether to recommend criminal charges be laid on the disgraced former attorney, Harold Brady.

Assistant Commissioner of Police, Clifford Chambers, told our news center today that an active criminal investigation is underway into the matter involving Brady and the Factories Corporation of Jamaica, FCJ.

ACP Chambers says the Fraud Squad will submit a file to DPP Llewelyn after a few more statements are collected. He says moves are being made to have the statements collected.

Brady was struck from the roll of attorneys on Saturday, meaning he can no longer practice law in the country.

He was ordered to pay approximately $111-million to the FCJ in restitution.

Brady was found guilty of professional misconduct by the General Legal Council, the GLC. This, after he failed to turn over $100-million dollars to the FCJ.

The funds arose from a land sale Brady had conducted on behalf of the corporation.

Meanwhile, the disciplinary committee of the General Legal Counsel says it had no choice but to disbar Brady because he had acted in a ‘grossly dishonest’ manner.

The reasons for the decision are contained in the 11-page ruling of the three member panel which was chaired by Daniella Gentles-Silvera.

The panel also included attorneys Trevor Ho-Lyn and John Graham.

The panel says Brady acted dishonestly after collecting over $100-million on behalf of the Factories Corporation of Jamaica.

The committee’s judgement says Brady admitted to owing the money to the FCJ.

But it says the admission cannot excuse his what it describes as ‘betrayal of the trust and confidence placed in him by his client’.

According to the committee, Brady also made a commitment on Saturday to repay the outstanding money which was due to the FCJ from 2011.

But the judgement says his expression of a willingness to now repay the moneys ‘cannot obviate his dishonest behavior’.

The committee says Brady‚Äôs ‘gross dishonesty’ was further compounded by his failure to have the agreement for sale in the land transaction he conducted on behalf of the FCJ, stamped in a timely manner.

The failure to have the agreement stamped cost the state owned corporation $12-million.

The committee says what it found more egregious what that former Attorney had misled the FCJ with a statement of account in April 2014 which falsely suggested that their money was earning interest.

Brady was found to have for 2-and-a-half years blocked the FCJ from accessing $110-million due to the corporation.

On Thursday last week, the disgraced former attorney told Nationwide News that he had discovered that he’d paid back the money owed to the FCJ.

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But in a stunning development, the GLC says two days after that comment, Brady admitted that he had misled the country into believing the money was paid back.

According to the GLC, upon the intervention of attorneys for the FCJ, on Saturday Brady conceded that he was ‘mistaken in his affidavit’.

Brady reportedly admitted that his affidavit spoke about payments in relation to another transaction he had conducted on behalf of the corporation.

The committee says Brady, on Saturday, admitted that he owes the FCJ and pleaded that the worst punishment not be imposed on him.

But the committee says it had to disbar Brady, because he had violated the most sacred cannons which attorneys are bound to follow.

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