Member of Parliament for Western Hanover, the PNP’s Ian Hayles, is this afternoon apologising to fellow MP and comrade, Luther Buchanan.

This, after he declared that Mr. Buchanan — who’s the MP for Eastern Westmoreland — had told him to challenge PNP veteran, Dr. D.K Duncan for Chairmanship of the party’s Region Six.

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Mr. Hayles was speaking on Saturday at the launch of his campaign to challenge Dr. Duncan.

But in a statement today, Mr. Hayles says he’s withdrawing his remarks, adding that Mr. Buchanan has taken offense.

He says it was never his intention to cause Mr. Buchanan to take offense.

It’s understood that at last Monday’s PNP Executive meeting, Hayles was confronted by Buchanan about his assertion.

It’s understood that Buchanan flatly denied what Hayles said on his platform.

It’s understood that the PNP executive demanded that he retracted the comments.

In the meantime, the vote for Chairman of the PNP’s Region Six is expected to take place on Sunday.