The man who allegedly abducted nine-year-old Phylisa Prussia from her home in Bath, St. Thomas on Thursday evening reportedly went to bizarre lengths to gain the trust of his captive.

That’s according to the Phylisa’s father Korian Prussia, who spoke with Nationwide’s Ricardo Brooks.

As you’ll hear in this report from William Mitchell, Phylisa’s father says his daughter appears to be in good health.

The first thing that was noticeable about Mr. Prussia on Saturday was his beaming ear to ear smile.

That was in stark contrast to the man that was lost for words just 24 hours earlied when he spoke with our news centre and plead for the safe return of his daughter.

Mr. Prussia says after many false dawns and erroneous reports of his daughter being found he was initially sceptical when he got the latest call.

But the trepidation quickly turned to jubilation when he got the news, he spent more than 36-hours waiting for.

Mr. Prussia said he was put at ease once his daughter called out to him for the first time since her abduction.

Phylisa was reportedly abducted at knife point by Davian Bryan shortly after 7:00 on Thursday evening.

Up to news time, the 45-year-old is still at large.

According Phylisa’s father his daughter hasn’t reported being hurt by her alleged abductor.

Phylisa’s father says her alleged abductor reportedly employed a bizarre tactic to gain her trust.

William Mitchell for Nationwide News.