Minister of Health and Wellness, Dr. Christopher Tufton, says following reports and information made public regarding alleged irregularities at the National Blood Transfusion Services, NBTS, he’s ordered a comprehensive investigation into its operations.

According to Dr. Tufton, The reports of irregularities at the Blood Bank have come to the attention of the executive management at the Ministry of Health and he is deeply concerned and have asked that an investigation be conducted immediately.

He says report of a process error, in particular is of great concern.

Dr Tufton however says the Ministry would like to reassure the public that no contaminated blood product was issued, arising from this.

Additionally, the Minister noted, that the National Blood Transfusion Service continues to process blood products using international standards and best practices.

The Minister says the Blood Bank is a critical part of the public health system even as the country continues to combat COVID-19.

He says the public can be assured that the donation and receipt of blood products is safe and is needed for the treatment of several disorders.

Dr. Tufton is urging the public, especially during this season, when trauma cases, in particular, increases, to make it a priority to donate blood.

The Ministry is expected to get a report in the coming weeks and will address any concerns and-or recommendations that may arise from the findings of the investigation.